Sunday May 27, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part I: King for a Day


Narrator: The Prandial Palace, Yoming.
Apnon: Milord, the Deputy Elephant of the United Nations of Sol wishes to extend his congratulations to you on your coronation.
Jevee: That didn't take long.
Xinchub: I'll take it in here, Apnon. Leave us.
Xinchub: Jevee, have you made any progress in securing this room?
Jevee: Yes.
Xinchub: And?
Jevee: Six bugs, three with full visual. . . Wave to the cameras, my Puppet King.
Xinchub: Nice. Are you trying to get us both assassinated?
Jevee: Of course not.
Jevee: I'd much prefer if they only killed you.