Saturday December 1, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part IV: We Kept the Party Hats


Elf: Hang on. . . How do we know Xinchub is telling the truth?
TAG: Biological tell-tales appear to check out. Also, elements of his story can be corroborated.
TAG: Ennesby has been querying public repositories regarding pertinent names, places, dates, and events. Xinchub has either crafted a lie with 10,000 pages of credentials, or he's telling the truth.
Elf: Oh. . . Oh sweet Newton NO!
Elf: TAG, you and Ennesby walked into a trap.
TAG: I. . . hmm. . . I see. Sorry.
Captain Tagon: You're not talking about the fig cookie? Please tell me you're talking about the fig cookie.