Build Your Own Serial Peacemaker

Those responsible for the PhilCon appearance of Schlock Mercenary's Serial Peacemaker in lego form have yet to own up to their work. In the meantime, however, a like-minded Schlocker, "Last Amorph Standing" has reverse-engineered the process for the benefit of the rest of us. Pretend, for a moment, that you are Christmas shopping, and you see something like this on the cover of the box. The Serial Peacemaker, reverse-engineered by Last Amorph Standing and rendered by NickersonM What would be in the box? Well, you'd find instructions, and some nifty blocks. I am told that an abbreviated set of those instructions, as well as a list of the blocks required, can be found in "serialpeacemaker.ldr." All you need to read it is "Mike's Lego CAD" and the LDraw parts library. So there it is. With the help of "LastAmorphStanding" and "NickersonM" (who rendered the picture above) you now have everything you need to build it yourself. There's a discussion thread here on the subject.