His Warning Signs Are Better

Security Guru Bruce Schneier linked to an Anders Sandberg blog post in which the topic is Warning Signs for Tomorrow. Sandberg's fourth paragraph, before he gets into creating some truly cool warning signs, references some ancient Schlock Mercenary strips. Well... okay. I'm at once flattered and pleased to learn that Sandberg reads the strip, but I'm also forced to admit that the signs Sandberg went on to create are much, much better than my own. (I may be forced to borrow them...) I take heart in the assumption that he is speculating in deadly earnest, where I was just trying to make a few quick jokes. And now, commentary: Sanders remarks that the "ghostbusters" symbol on the wall seems a little out of place given Kevyn's rationality. While this interpretation is supportable, if you take the sign to mean "there is no such thing as a ghost" as opposed to "no ghosts allowed" then it fits just fine. Then again, maybe Kevyn has the sign posted because it makes him giggle. I'm pretty sure it made me giggle at the time. Sanders commented on the DNA spiral I used, saying:
The DNA helix suggests some alternative to the (IMHO great) biohazard symbol, or that it was too hard to draw. Maybe it is about threats to the genome.
Rest assured, Anders, even back in 2000 I was able to draw a biohazard symbol. That's not to say I don't make compromises in the artwork from time to time (read "every day"). It's just that the DNA helix wasn't one of them. I'm thinking that "threats to the genome" is a better interpretation. Not that I have any idea what Kevyn was working with that he needed that particular sign. Perhaps he picked it up at an Umbrella Corporation asset liquidation.