Hugo Nominations are Open! (What did you read last year?)

Did you read something last year that you really enjoyed? Something that you think is worthy of something more than just the time and money you spent on it, worthy, perhaps, of accolades?

Now is the season to make your voice heard. The nomination period for the 2013 Hugo Awards is now open! If you're a member of the 2012, 2013, or 2014 World Science Fiction Convention, you can nominate things for the 2013 ballot. Details are here.

The Hugo Awards are a reflection of what we, as science fiction fans, value in our entertainment. If something touched you this year, if you value it, then it's worthy of nomination. You're part of this community, and your voice should be heard.

Please note that the Hugo committee appreciates it if names and titles are spelled correctly. In case you're considering nominating any of my work, here is a list of everything I've been involved in which is eligible for nomination, and the categories under which they're eligible:

Graphic Story:


Related Work

  • Writing Excuses Season Seven (note: to my knowledge, Writing Excuses doesn't actually qualify as a fancast for the "Best Fancast" category. If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it's a "related work.")

Give me some time to collect my thoughts, and I'll give you a list of the things I enjoyed this past year, and which I think are worthy of your attention (and, by extension, consideration for the Hugo ballot.) There's no huge rush. You have until March 10th to submit your nominations.