I'm in Toronto at Ad Astra!

Ad-Astra, Toronto's Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention(Note: I'm writing this from home, but this blog post will be up all weekend, so at some point it WILL be accurate.)

Sandra and I will both be in Toronto at Ad Astra this weekend. This is going to be a huge treat for us, since it's rare for us to be able to attend a convention together. Even rarer, we get to be on panels together, and Sandra has her own schedule, independent of mine. She has her own fans, these days.

I keep trying to tell you people, I married UP.

Here's our schedule. Where it says "and others" I assume there will be other panelists, but I don't have a way to find out who they are. Sorry!


  • 7pm - Opening Ceremonies
  • 8pm - Running a Creative Business out of Your Home (Howard and Sandra)
  • 9pm - Experience of Blogging (Sandra and others)
  • 9pm-11pm - Meet and Greet in the Reflections room

  • 11am - Working as a Creative Professional (Howard and others)
  • 12 noon - BlogTV interview
  • 1pm - Howard's "Guest of Honor" Hour (a solo act...)
  • 2pm - Making Ends Meet on an Artist's Income (Sandra's moderating this one. I'm in the audience.)
  • 3pm - Fleshing out your Characters (Howard and others)
  • 4pm - Marketing 101 for Creators (Another solo act, I think...)
  • 6-8pm - Guest of Honor Dinner

  • 11am - Reading (Howard only)
  • 11am - Educational Benefits of Video Games (Sandra and others)
  • 12 noon - The Art of Comedy (Howard and others)
  • 1pm - Autographs

We'll have books for sale in the Dealer's Room. One of the dealers is handling this for us, so if you want the books signed and sketched (at no extra charge!) you'll have to catch up with me after a panel, or during the autograph session.

The dealer will also have some Rule 37 posters, as well as a couple of other posters we had printed up. And again, I can take care of signing those for you, provided you can catch up with me.