Sunday August 31, 2003

Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part I: Needle in a Haystack


Narrator:Lagrange point station, Celeschul: The mercenary ship Serial Peacemaker gets prepped for months alone in the jeweled void of intragalactic space.
Tagon:Well? Are we going to have enough?
Ch'vorthq:I don't think it's possible to have enough, so I just bought all we could carry.
Tagon:Can we ration it and make it go further?
Schlock:You're back! Did you get. . . you DID! There it is! Genuine Imitation Ovalqwik!
Schlock:Now everyone stand clear. Me an' the tub of happiness need some quality time.
SFX:Ommminous Hummmmm
Ch'vorthq:You were saying something about rationing, sir?
Tagon:Let me know when the Sergeant returns from his sugar trip.