Friday September 26, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part II: Breya in the Zoojack


Tagon:Now I'm curious, Admiral. . . what did you need Petey's help with? I thought you wanted to hire Kevyn?
Breya:A little fabber time would have been great. We're missing a few control circuits for the fabber we've got left, and until that's up and running we can't even begin our repairs.
Tagon:I thought that U.N.S. fabbers leveraged ship A.I. for control circuits.
Breya:They do.
Tagon:Oh. So Athens is dead then, too.
Breya:Yes, she's gone.
Tagon:I'm sorry to hear that, Breya.
Ennesby:Me too. She was a real hottie. I was hoping for some strip chess.