Wednesday September 27, 2006
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part I: Jeopardy


Kevyn:Captain, the more troops we put on the Levelhead, the more we're likely to lose.
Kevyn:If they get close enough to board her, it's because we're outgunned. Having a platoon onboard will only get them killed.
Kevyn:Besides, we want as many troops as possible in assault boats, so when TAG cripples the pirate ships we've got boarding parties ready.
Kevyn:According to the Skipper there's no A.I. on the Levelhead, but she can be piloted safely by one person. That frees up a lot of people.
Captain Tagon:It sounds like you're volunteering to be sacrificed at the first sign of trouble.
Kevyn:Crap. Is that what I sound like?