Sunday December 10, 2006

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Narrator:Commander Andreyasn is dead again. Well. . . Mostly.
Kevyn:I am Commander Kevyn Andreyasn. I have shaped the destinies of Worlds, of Nations, of Galaxies.
Kevyn:I have created and destroyed. I have followed and I have led. I have known love, and I will know it again.
Kevyn:I flirt with Death for a living, and I have cheated the Reaper at least four times.
Kevyn:The cliff-jump should probably count, too. Make that five times.
Kevyn:And assuming I survive being shot in the chest, the count will rise to six.
Nannie Avatar:I se no reason why we can't put you together again. Your thoracic cavity has been scrambled, but we're finally back up to strength.
Kevyn:Who is "we?"
Kevyn:Because, you know, usually my hypoxic hallucinations take the form of people I've already met, but you don't look familiar.
Nannie Avatar:"We" are your blood-nannies, and you've been keeping us busy. You made us wrestle with a nanny bag, forced us to hibernate, killed most of us off, and then we had to bring you back from a nasty throat wound and low-oxygen environment when there were barely enough of us to keep your brain alive.
Nannie Avatar:Not one day after we got all the necrotic tissue from that fiasco repaired, you went and broke half a dozen major bones.
Kevyn:You made me set those breaks.
Nannie Avatar:We hoped that would encourage you to take better care of yourself.
Nannie Avatar:The bucket of sausage that used to be your lungs says that you weren't paying attention.