Sunday February 3, 2008

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part V: Collecting


Narrator:Meanwhile, near the galactic core. . .
Jevee Ceeta:Hello, General. I almost didn't recognize you. Nice head.
Jevee Ceeta:Surprised to see me?
Xinchub:A little. Petey said the team he hired to find you came back empty-handed.
Jevee Ceeta:I killed the king with his own security 'bot! Every government agent, bounty hunter, cop, and concerned citizen on Yoming wanted to find me.
Jevee Ceeta:I didn't want to be found.
Jevee Ceeta:I had to resort to the old "hat and sunglasses" trick.
Xinchub:I doubt that's the extent of your chicanery.
Jevee Ceeta:Well. . . I did pay a lot of money for the hat.
Jevee Ceeta:And. . . I had the entire Prandial petty cash account in my pockets for assorted bribes.
Jevee Ceeta:Okay. And I left a trail of mayhem across three continents, a spaceport, and two different passenger liners.
Xinchub:That's more like it.
Jevee Ceeta:If you ever hear a "ghost liner" neo-legend featuring a purple vampire and a ship full of corpses, they're exaggerating.

A little.