Tuesday February 5, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic
Part V: Collecting


Xinchub:Galactic "civilization" as we know it is around 20,000 years old. Humanity has been part of it for a paltry thousand years.
Xinchub:Now rewind. . . The Gatekeepers, or F'Sherl-Ganni. . . They've been building Galactic Civilization for a hundred thousand years, and they trace their roots back some six million years. Some of them are almost 20,000 years old.
Xinchub:But here come the Humans. Upsetting the order of things, screwing up a hundred thousand years of wormgate construction. . .
Jevee Ceeta:Saving the galaxy. . .
Xinchub:You're interrupting me.
Jevee Ceeta:I'm putting things in perspective.