Sunday January 11, 2009

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part V: The Longshoreman's Apocalypse


Narrator:This is the Suttonton Skymural, which abuts the hole which used to be the Southport Dock Three Suttonton Lock.
Narrator:This is the Longshoreman Of The Apocalypse. He now has an apocalypse to preside over.
Narrator:The hole is about to get bigger. The mural is about to become "performance art."
Narrator:Southport, Dock Two. . .
Kevyn:Did the rioters take it?
Pibald:They haven't gotten this far.
Kevyn:And you're positive Schlock's strike team didn't take it?
Pibald:I saw it right here after they left.
Kevyn:How do you lose an entire pallet of Boomex?