Sunday January 18, 2009

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part V: The Longshoreman's Apocalypse


Narrator:Meanwhile, in Southport. . .
Kevyn:Forget the mob! Everybody fall back to the Eatonrun! We can use her to plug the Dock Three hole!
Kevyn:Oh. . . Ow. Armor piercing?
Kevyn:One of you. . . *gasp*. . . morons dropped your weapon!
Kevyn:. . . and now the mob can hurt us. . .
Para Ventura:Commander, the Eatonrun is gone!
Kevyn:Loo. . . Loo! *gasp*. . .tenant!! put Pi. . . in. . . charge. . .
Para Ventura:
Narrator:Aboard the M.R. Eatonrun. . .
Skipper:Breach my britches! Did you do that?
Lota:Lota did do that. It was not large enough.
Lota:Now fly the plotted course, or Lota shall actualize the metaphorical breach in your britches.