Sunday August 5, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part II: Royal Flush


Narrator: In the palace garden.
Martre Flamb: The late King's body is currently being kept in the secure wing of sub-basement 'C.' That's thirty meters straight down beneath our feet.
Martre Flamb: Twenty meters of that is armor plating. Anyone trying a snatch-and-grab would likely vaporize the prize shooting their way in.
Captain Tagon: You got it down there to begin with. Certainly there's a way to get it back out.
Martre Flamb: Oh, absolutely. But it took our team over an hour to negotiate the stairs with that coffin.
Captain Tagon: You know. . . We could secure the coffin a little better aboard the Touch-And-Go.
Captain Taton: The ship is heavily shielded, and can defend itself quite handily in the event of an attack.
Martre Flamb: That's a great idea.
Captain Tagon: I thought so.
Martre Flamb: Except for the part where you mercenaries just fly away and auction the late King off to the highest bidder.
Captain Tagon: Well, now you and I know how much we trust each other.