Sunday July 21, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: C.O.'s office...

GEN. TAGON: Son, we should call Admiral Fless and let him know we're heading back into the spindle.

TAGON: Really?  I'd rather not alert him to the fact that we'll be treasure-hunting up there.

GEN. TAGON: I'm not suggesting we tip our hand.  I just think that we're better off not getting shot for surprising somebody.

TAGON: I'll call, but I think this is only going to complicate things.

TAGON: Admiral Fless?  Err... Phflessce?  Did I say that right?  How are you today?

FPHLESSCE: It's Tagon?  *shouting* PUT HIM THROUGH!

TAGON: I'm already through, Admiral.  Is everything

FPHLESSCE: *interrupting* What did you do down there?

TAGON: Lots of things, Admiral.  What's happening?

FPHLESSCE: A swarm of 'bots came up that shaft you went down.  Took out two of our research teams.

TAGON: Oh.  Well... we had to cut through some biomass to get through the door.  But we didn't see any activity in the shaft.

FPHLESSCE: *on screen* There's activity now.  This place is alive, and has an immune system.  You should get out.  That's what we


TAGON: See?  See how complicated things just got?