Sunday June 30, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Checking in with the client...

TAGON: Ambassador Hioefua, we've got a couple of problems.

HIOEFUA: Has there been disaster?  Wailings and woe?

TAGON: Not quite.  At least not yet.  The big problem is that this place is full of things that will kill you.

TAGON: We've seen at least three types of heavier-than-air flyers, the smallest of which were three meters long.

In order to make Eina-Afa safe for your people to float around in, we would probably need to sterilize it.

HIOEFUA: Sterilizing would be doubtless committing damage to the valuable collateral.

TAGON: Exactly.  Also, it would be difficult, not to mention expensive.

TAGON: And that brings us to our second problem.

TAGON: Admiral Fless suggested that you might not have the resources with which to pay us.

HIOEFUA: You are worrying about the financing of a job you are unable to be the finishing of?

GEN. TAGON: It is an odd negotiating position.