Sunday October 20, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARATOR: Bristlecone, Command Deck...

TAGON: This cliff is pretty impressive.

ELF: Lots of erosion.  We're at the eastern edge of the hurricane track.

TAGON: It's sixty-two kilometers tall.

ELF: Lots of erosion.

ELF: The hurricane track is a 24,000 kilometer ring-shaped ocean, bounded by cliffs.

It's seven hundred kilometers wide, and sixty-five kilometers deep, not counting the depth of the ocean.

At least twenty one million cubic kilometers of material was removed by these storms, and then thrown all over the habitat.

TAGON: How long did that take?

ELF: Dunno yet, but Henri is examining cliff spectrography.

TAGON: Can he guess?

ELF: He threw a "ten million years old" spitball before diving into the data.

TAGON: Ennesby's not here to jump on that one for you.

ELF: Now I'm looking for a spitball-grenade pun, but no...  I've got nothing.