Sunday September 1, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Zipping along the exterior of the Eina-Afa spindle...

BRISTLECONE: Captain, there is activity on the strut ahead of us.  A hatch is opening.

TAGON: Is it big enough to fly through?

BRISTLECONE: Big enough by two orders of magnitude, even accounting for the traffic flowing through it now.

TAGON: What traffic?

BRISTLECONE: Dozens of small craft.  Streamlined, annie-powered, six meters in length.

BRISTLECONE: Unknown manufacturer, though they appear very well-designed for use in an atmospheric environment.

Steep acceleration.  They are vectoring to intercept.

TAGON: What kind of intercept?  Short-range weapon fire, or impact?

BRISTLECONE: Unless we evade, they can take their pick.

TAGON: Those aren't small craft.  They're large missiles.

KATHRYN: I was going to ask for the other side of the conversation, but now I'm less sure that I want it.