Sunday October 5, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


NARRATOR: Fleeing through traffic...

SORLIE: Chester, should I be running from the police?  Do I have anything to fear from them?


CHESTER: *on comm* I've been considering that.

And by "considering" I mean to say that I have been crunching more data than you will read in two lifetimes.

SORLIE: And since you haven't turned me around for a peaceful surrender, you found something.

CHESTER: *on comm* Sort of.  I have not uncovered any direct evidence in support of my suspicion.

SORLIE: Chester, that's what suspicions are.

Out with it!

CHESTER: *on comm* A string of unlikely coincidences suggests that the officer currently in pursuit is an agent of Admiral Emm's U.N.S. Intelligence Services.

SORLIE: You could have led with that.

CHESTER: *on comm* You needed something to keep your mind off the traffic.