Sunday October 19, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict

Note: The hypernet streamozine Ignobellishmentarianism is a gently curated aggregator for research papers that meet certain oddball criteria. For the most part, the papers presented in this stream cover edge research that, in the correct context, might seem silly. 

The name Ignobellishmentarianism is a mash-up of "Ignobel" (that ancient award for edgy-silly research), "embellishment," and "antidisestablishementarianism," which is itself a silly word meaning "opposed to the tearing down of the establishment." Titles like this one are a very natural outgrowth of the ever-narrowing quest for trademarkable words. And yes, there's a paper on that very trend in the December 3062 issue.


Transcript awaiting review