Thursday July 16, 2020
Book 20: Sergeant In Motion — Epilogue

Author's Note: I needed to roll the clock forward just a little, and in this case I picked a very specific amount of clock-rolling: 7,340 minutes, which comes out to five days, plus two hours and twenty minutes. 

That number is a 1:1440 scale version of the current daily installment number. This strip is the 7,340th daily installment of Schlock Mercenary, and the first strip of the epilogue which will draw the whole thing to a close. Seven thousand days, plus eleven months, with enough change left over for a final work-week... It's a good number. At the very least, it's got some heft.


NARRATOR: Five days and a couple of hours later...

BUNNI: The scans say there is nothing wrong with him.

He's just sleeping.

TAGON: But why? We've poured pretty much every food he likes into that tub with him.

SCHLOCK: Not sleeping. Relaxing.

BUNNI: That's not relaxing.

That's playing dead.

SCHLOCK: You'd play dead too if someone kept pouring your favorite foods into your bed.