Saturday May 18, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Kickin' Bu'uthandi and Takin' Names


Tagon:Lieutenant shodan, what was that noise?
Shodan:What noise, sir?
Tagon:That muffled clang I heard through three layers of armor.
Shodan:Oh, that noise. Corporal Pontucci is blasting entrances to the prison module, sir.
Tagon:That doesn't explain the noise on our side, lieutenant.
Shodan:Well, ol' Pronto doesn't yet have the finesse hob had. He blasted a couple of tons of hull-metal across the gap, and bounced the debris off of our hull, sir.
Tagon:Oh... ...well, Good.
Tagon:Now that our shiny new transport has some scuff-marks on it, I can relax.
Serial Peacemaker: