Wednesday May 29, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: A Whole New Can o' Wormgates


Trinko:Megiddo's goons pointed me at this mess of processors and asked me to dump its memory.
Trinko:Well, there's some read-only memory, but, these buffers dump to nowhere.Hojillions of petabytes stream through here, and just end up overwriting each other, there's no storage system to flush to.
Kevyn:That sounds like the old saw: 'in one ear and out the other.'
Trinko:Yes. Only with very, very, very large ears.
Gav-0:So it's a big-eared artificial idiot. Call the circus.
Narrator:We'll be hearing from the coalition of big-eared-folk any minute now...