Friday July 25, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management
Part III: Board of Accidental Tourism


Tagon:Ennesby, I know this light-sail is interesting, but there's no reason to try to strike up a conversation with its pilots. We're supposed to be hiding, not seeking out new life or new civilizations.
Ennesby:But what if they need help? What if they've lost control of their ship, and are going to plunge into the sun?
Ennesby:Can you really tell me that you'll sleep well at night, wondering whether or not a ship full of people safely arrived at their destination? The thought that perhaps you could have saved them from a death in a stellar furnace won't leave you lying awake, struggling to live with yourself?
Tagon:Does this look like the face of a man who struggles with guilt?
Ennesby:Oh, that's right. I forgot. Deep repression is what gives you mercenaries your combat edge.