Friday November 14, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Tagon:Ennesby tells me that whatever's attacking troops on the station is targeting annie-plants.
Kevyn:That's where the Athens got hit, too.
Tagon:So... every annie-plant in our tanks, on our ship, in our suits... they're all bombs, waiting to be triggered by an unseen enemy.
Tagon:The risks on this gig just started to outweigh the pay.
Kevyn:What's Colonel Ceeta going to say?
Tagon:If she doesn't start with "thanks for saving my life", I'm going to throw her in the brig.
Kevyn:Does the Serial Peacemaker even have a brig?
Tagon:All I need is Corporal Pontucci and some duct tape.