Sunday November 23, 2003

Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part IV: A Little First Contact


Narrator:A bit earlier, outside the station preserve.
Kevyn:Sergeant Schlock, I have a mission for you. Ennesby hyper'd Tagon with the details, and it's right up your slimy, little alley.
Kevyn:Our armor squad and a platoon of U.N.S. marines are unarmed, and are now being pursued by natives.
Schlock:That's nothing I can't solve with a splash of fresh-squeezed plasma.
Kevyn:Except that you can't use advanced weapons.
Schlock:Oh. Goober rounds in the multi-cannon?
Kevyn:Still too advanced.
Schlock:You're joking, right?
Kevyn:No joke. Something out there is killing modern weapons and armor. But you... even buck-naked you'll easily take on a guy in powered armor.
Kevyn:Punching out a few natives while they stick spears in you should be child's play.
Schlock:I've played 'pincushion' before. There are games I like better.
Kevyn:We're wasting time discussing this. You're going to have to cover a lot of ground fast.
Schlock:Fine. Which way do I start running?
Kevyn:Ennesby squirted me these directions. But I'll need your multicannons and plasgun before you leave.
Kevyn:You do good puppy dog eyes for someone who's never owned a puppy.
Schlock:Raising 'em is too much work for the stringy meat you end up with.
Kevyn:Hand over the ammo, too, mister pet-store gourmet.