Sunday January 9, 2005

Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist
Part III: Life's a Beach


Narrator:Dustoff is a well-practiced procedure in any military organization.
Der Trihs:We've got everybody, Captain!
Narrator:Humans "invented" it in the 20th century, but militaries across the galaxy have used it for millenia.
Kevyn:Ennesby, get us out of here!
Ennesby:Lifting now.
Narrator:In large scale conflicts, dustoff is the evacuation of wounded from the field of battle, typically under fire.
Ennesby:Captain, I make three police Cruisers on an intercept course. Jink or swat, sir?
Narrator:That isn't always the case though. Dustoff can also by the "run" part of a "hit-and-run" mission, depending on how far away you need to run.
Kevyn:Jink. We haven't actually hurt anybody yet, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Narrator:In a perfect dustoff, nobody gets left behind, all materiel is loaded, and nobody at all gets shot down.
Ennesby:Our dance card is clear, sir. No shots fired.
Narrator:(Okay, you can shoot down the enemy, but it's a better dustoff if you don't have to.)
Narrator:Captain Andreyasn has done the improbable: The first dustoff under his command has been perfect.
General Tagon:I'm impressed, Boy. That was a lot more interesting than the funeral would have been.
Kevyn:Oh! Funeral!!
Narrator:Well, almost perfect. But the coffin is empty, after all.