Sunday October 29, 2006

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2006


Narrator:Dinner, in a secluded-yet-scenic part of the Rec Deck aboard the Touch-and-Go.
Elf:I'm impressed. You got Chef Ch'Vorthq to prepare food without pureeing it.
Kevyn:That's not nearly as impressive as this swimming deck. Did you do all this while I was comatose?
Elf:I was the Officer-in-Charge. All the necessary hookups were already in place, though. We just needed to replace the vegetation.
Kevyn:I think it's a great idea. Tagon wanted to convert this deck to another Engineering bay.
Elf:Yeah. He ran it past me and the rest of the non-comatose officers. If anyone build anything big down here, we'd have to cut massive access hatches through several decks.
Kevyn:And you talked him out of it? Nice work.
Kevyn:You've got huge aptitude for engineering. I have to wonder what else you'd be good at.
Elf:We'll just have to find out, then won't we?
Kevyn:I. . . Um, sorry. I had a mouthful of prawns.
Elf:Oh. Tasted like chicken.