Sunday March 11, 2007

Note: Neither Sergeant Schlock nor Commander Foxworthy have seen the original Superman film. Their inadvertent verbatim quotation of one of that film's most memorable moments of dialog illustrates the Strong Cinemanthopomorphic Principle, which posits that all the best moments in great entertainment are destined to be repeated long after the original work is no longer relevant.

Of course the original Superman film will always remain relevant. Thank you, Mister Reeves.

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part V: Dropping The Other Shoe


Narrator:"No doors, and even fewer seats," Kevyn said. It takes no fingers at all to count the seat-belts in this now-tumbling car of theirs. . .
Narrator:A human will need one-point-two hands to count the number of people thrown from this car.
Narrator:An amorph might just be able to sprout enough hands to grab them all. . .
Schlock:Easy, Miss. I've got you.
Elf:You've got me? Who's got you??
Schlock:Ask a silly question. . .