Friday April 6, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Nick:Ya need t' stay away from Elf, Pronto. Don'tcha know she's cursed?
Pronto:What are you talking about?
Nick:Yeah. Remember Hob? They were this close t' hookin' up an' then he blew hisself to bits.
Nick:An' then her an' Kevin did hook up, and he got ate by a jeopard.
Pronto:Oh, give it a rest, Nick.
Nick:You give it a rest, or you'll, like, rest in peace.
Pronto:Whoa, Nick. . . Did you just engage in actual word-play?
Pronto:There may be something to out diet full of raw things besides perpetual runs.