Sunday March 25, 2007

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Narrator:We now return you to the metaphorical representation of Kevyn communing with the blood-nannies in his brain as his memories of "How I ended up dead in the woods" are restored.
Kevyn:Well. . . Things certainly make a lot more sense, now.
Kevyn:How are you guys doing on the rebuild of my chest?
Nannie Avatar:We've barely started.
Kevyn:Are you kidding me? I just watched a month of my life go by!
Nannie Avatar:Time is compressed here. You've only been out for about three minutes.
Kevyn:But I ate four tubs of popcorn!
Nannie Avatar:I helped. Your memories of that stuff are tasty.
Kevyn:Now that I know how thorough Commodore Shufgar is, I'm a little nervous. Can I hear what's going on around me?
Nannie Avatar:We need a moment to isolate the audio. We don't want to restore full consciousness, or that pain in your chest will send you into paroxysmal gasping, tearing up our work.
Kevyn:By all means, take your time.