Sunday April 1, 2007

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Pirate Orderly: Commodore Shufgar! The human has escaped!
Commodore Shufgar:What, the dead one?
Pirate Orderly:The not dead one. Kengarff said it came to, and killed Teff.
Commodore Shufgar:I turned its heart and lungs into pudding. How can it possibly be alive?
Pirate Orderly:Talk to Kengarff. He saw it.
Commodore Shufgar:That's what I'm going to do. You assemble a search. Assume the human is armed and dangerous. . .
Commodore Shufgar:. . .and undead.
Commodore Shufgar:So. . . Kengarff. Tell me what happened.
Kengarff:We dropped the human in the cute and it grabbed hold of the lip. Next thing I knew it had Teff's gun. It shot me in the chest and when I came round, Teff was dead.
Kengarff:I'm sorry about Commander Teff, sir.
Commodore Shufgar:He was like a son to me.
Kengarff:Sir. . . You plucked his eye out with a spoon when the prisoners escaped.
Commodore Shufgar:Let that be a warning to the rest of my family.