Sunday June 8, 2008

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part I: Wet Feet


Narrator:Lieutenant Shore "Pi" Pibald has just imagined a worst-case scenario.
Pibald:Andy! Stop sending us packages! I need to check the Catcher.
Andy:Looks like it's working fine, sir. What's the problem?
Narrator:This is not unusual for him. He is paranoid, after all, and that's just one of his flavors of crazy.
Pibald:Just stop dropping stuff, okay? This'll only take a minute.
Andy:Done, sir. You've got five more inbound, that's all.
Narrator:Now that he's an officer, however, he feels obliged to heed his paranoia from time to time. It's his job.
Pibald:Good. Chisulo, Aardman! Pick these last five, and then take a break.
Pibald (thinking):I'm probably just crazy. See? There's one, no problem. And now two. . . If nothing's wrong, I'm going to be embarrassed. Three more, and then we're in the clear.
Pibald:WOO-HOO! I was right!
Narrator:It's a good thing he's not in therapy. This would undo months of progress.