Sunday March 29, 2009

Book 11: Massively Parallel
Part I: High Olympus Command


Narrator:The M.R. Mato Mato has deposited the Touch-And-Go at the High Olympus Shipyards for repair.
Narrator:Tagon's Toughs are splitting up for a month, with three commands taking commercial transport elsewhere.
Captain Tagon:Take good care of my ship, Commander Foxworthy.
Elf:Of course, Captain. Have fun at the mall.
Captain Tagon:If I have any fun there it means something has gone wonderfully wrong.
Elf:That poor mall.
Narrator:In six hundred and ninety-nine hours General Kerchak will start making calls on behalf of the Fleetmind. . . But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Tailor:Goodbye, Lieutenant Ventura. I'll be safely away with the Captain now.
Para Ventura:Don't worry. I'll see you back here in a month. I promise to keep my probes nice and warm.
Elf:You're really looking forward to experimenting on poor Tailor. . .
Para Ventura:I'm already experimenting on him. I just have to wait a month before I get my first set of results back.