Sunday March 15, 2009

Book 11: Massively Parallel
Part I: High Olympus Command


Narrator:The Salvage Rig M.R. Mato Mato has arrived.
Captain Tagon:Mars? The U.N.S. shipyards are in orbit around Jupiter. We've got a chit for U.N.S.-sponsored repairs.
Mato Skipper:Sorry. Jove-yards are booked solid for the next eight weeks.
Captain Tagon:All of them? What are they doing, building another fleet?
Mato Skipper:Repairs and replacements. The way I heard it, some kerfluffle out at the rim took the Sixteenth Fleet apart.
Captain Tagon:Define "kerfluffle."
Mato Skipper:Hello, civilian speaking. Dunno what it was exactly. Heavy fighting, for sure. The carriers barely made it home in one piece.
Captain Tagon:So, kind of like what happened to us, then?
Mato Skipper:You're in two pieces. I'd call that more of a "cluster-fluffle."