Wednesday March 4, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel
Prologue: Meanwhile, at the Galactic Core


Petey:The Pa'anuri have their own core generator.
Athena:How? They're made of Dark Matter. Manipulating baryonic matter that finely should be impossible.
Petey:Not if the Pa'anuri still have baryonic allies in Andromeda.
Petey:More to the point. . . countering them is taking everything we've got. We can't afford to solve local problems like this with our usual application of overwhelming-yet-finely-tuned force.
Athena:We have allies too.
Petey:But they don't have overwhelming force.
Athena:They're not afraid to use the force they've got.
Petey:And it's not finely-tuned.
Athena:It sounds perfect.
Petey:You mean "It'll have to do."