Friday November 3, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — BOARDERS!!


Tagon: One of my men is dead, and it's your fault. Tell me, Drone-Collective lawyer, what do you think I could expect to get if I sued the K.F.D.A. for this?
Attorney Drone 1: Hmmmm. The use of force was warranted, but entry was not... There are precedents... I'd say about two thousand kilocreds.
Tagon: And if we settle out of court?
Attorney Drone 1: That depends entirely on what you are willing to settle for.
Tagon: I was thinking of an exchange of penalties. What's the fine for killing an attorney?
Attorney Drone 1: One thousand... HEY!!
Tagon: So, shall we settle out of court?