Saturday November 11, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — The Shopping Trip


Schlock: Hey, Breya! Look! They have plasma cannons here!
Breya: Schlock, we're here to buy body armor, not flashy big guns.
Schlock: And since I don't wear body armor, you can spend my armor allotment on this.
Breya: I can just have Kevyn issue you something. You don't need that.
Breya: I mean really! It's big, it's too noisy, and the barrel alone scares people. Firing fusing plasma is incredibly irresponsible, and banned in half a dozen star systems.
PlanetMercSales1: You oughta go into sales here, lady. That was a great pitch.
Schlock: I'll spend my own money if I have to. I need this.
Breya: Fine, but you have to clean up after it.