Sunday August 17, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part IV: Under New Management


Narrator: It's time for the Serial Peacemaker to find another star system in which to hide. . .
Ennesby: Uh-oh. Captain, we're being hailed.
Tagon: Hailed? By who?
Ennesby: A targeting drone from the U.N.S. Battleplate Tunguska.
Tagon: Uh-oh.
Narrator: Past time, You might say.
Ennesby: Do we run or do we talk, sir?
Tagon: Is running an option?
Ennesby: The Tunguska hasn't 'ported in yet. I could toast the drone, random-walk for a bit, and then teraport out of here faster than you could say "General Xinchub sucks eggs."
Tagon: Fine. Let's talk, but be ready go with operation egg-suck at the first sign of trouble.
Narrator: Moments later. . .
Tagon: Hello, General. What's on your mind?
Xinchub: More than you can imagine, Captain Tagon. I need to speak to your commander, where's Colonel Ceeta?
Tagon: She was relieved of command, based on the fact that the individual who appointed her tried to kill us.
Xinchub: Now, now. . . Let's not argue about who tried to kill who.
Tagon: Who's arguing? You tried to kill us, and obviously we can't trust you. . . Regardless of how much money you offer.
Xinchub: Triple-pay, fully retroactive, effective immediately.
Tagon: Commander Ceeta! General Xinchub wants to talk to you!
Ennesby: Actually, sir, this sounds like a perfect time for operation egg-suck.