Sunday June 6, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part III: Handle With Care


Narrator: Race, lifestyle, mating prejudice, child-rearing. . . Deep issues that require careful thought rather than snap judgement.
Reverend: Captain, I understand you're firing a couple of the grunts for mating?
Tagon: What? Who told you that?
Reverend: Does this mean that when the Doctor and I marry and begin mating, you'll fire us, too?

Or are there different rules for humans?

Tagon: Wait. . . You mean you two haven't um. . . You know. . . Yet?
Reverend: No, we haven't.
Tagon: Okay. Now that is weird.
Reverend: Oh, I get it. You're firing the Kreely couple not because they're a couple, but because they're weird.
Reverend: Captain as the company Chaplain, I feel it my sworn duty to warn you that your biases and prejudices may tear our merry band asunder unless you check them.
Tagon: Check what?

Tagon: It's not that they're weird, or that they're mating, or that they lay eggs. It's that they laid the eggs, and the eggs hatched and now someone has to watch kids.
Breya: I'll watch them. I think they're cute.
Tagon: Breya, please don't step into this.
Breya: I'll put the children aboard the Athens. That ship is mine, and I don't think Tebeki and Iiki should be discharged unless they want to be. If they need a babysitter, I'll do it.
Tagon: Breya, I know you're married, but you're smart. You're not supposed to be going all maternal like this.
Reverend: Proximity effect, Captain. She'll be wanting to get pregnant any minute now.
Tagon: Why can't you people just get kittens or something?