Wednesday February 22, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Ennesby: Doctor Bunnigus and Lieutenant Foxworthy are on their way back. There do not appear to have been any difficulties with law enforcement officers.
Tagon: Well there's a lucky break. Half the cops on the planet must have seen her force that reality host to "suppose" his camera.
Chubby Cop: Okay, no. . . There. Now. . . Frame-advance for the super-slo-mo.
Purp Cop: Girl's got style, I tell you what. Panache, even.
Rumpled Cop: She put the assault back in Glamour Assault, all right.
Redhead Cop: Hey, yeah. And she put the a** back in assault, too!
Narrator: Okay, we're done here.