Wednesday April 11, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Pirate Tanker Lieutenant: Commodore, the humans have some sort of shape-shifting creature with them.
Commodore Shufgar: Greenish? Looks like a shambling dung-heap with tentacles?
Pirate Tanker Lieutenant: Yes sir, how did you know?
Commodore Shufgar: Research. It's a carbosilicate amorph, and it is extremely dangerous. Vaporize it.
Pirate Tanker Lieutenant: It's been taken care of. One of the tanks smashed it, and we scraped the goo into a bag so you could have a look.
Commodore Shufgar: That had better be one strong bag, Lieutenant.
Schlock: You guys are so lucky this is one strong bag.