Sunday April 22, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Armored Pirate: Commodore, the sweep team called. They've found the escapee.
Commodore Shufgar: Thank you so much for announcing that in front of the prisoners. You've set back the demoralization by three or four minutes at least.
Armored Pirate: Right. . . Umm. . . They need instructions.
Commodore Shufgar: Fine. Put them on speaker.
Snarky Pirate: Commodore Shufgar, sir. We've located the escapee. He holed up in the incinerator.
Commodore Shufgar: Ah.
Commodore Shufgar: I have more humans to experiment on. Incinerate that one and call me back.
Elf: No!
Commodore Shufgar: I'm sorry. They're already off-channel.
Elf: Call them back!
Elf: I. . . I'll do anything.
Commodore Shufgar: You are a weak, pathetic, worthless impersonation of an officer. And you have nothing with which to negotiate.
Commodore Shufgar: But if you want to talk to my sweep team, I think they're calling me back now.
Kevyn: Commodore Shufgar, this is Commander Kevyn Andreyasn. Do you remember me? I sure hope so, because I finally remember you.
Armored Pirate: Oooh, that's gonna set the old demoralization waaaay back.