Sunday November 11, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part IV: We Kept the Party Hats

Note: Eight hundred and thirty years (and hundreds of mergers and aquisitions) after the "Dungeons & Dragons" property was aquired by Wizards of the Coast, Nectaris Nanotech acquired Crystal Coveyou, and the two companies ushered in the Third Age of Fantasy Role-Playing Games.

"Dungeons & Dragons" 16th Edition was made so simple and accessible that anybody could play it without source books, pencils or paper, character sheets, or even much imagination. All that was required was a set of dice.

They were, of course, very expensive dice.


Narrator: Conference Room Two aboard the Touch-And-Go.
Captain Tagon: Welcome to the "Thinking Room," everybody. You're here because you're the smartest people on board.
Captain Tagon: Kevyn, you created the Teraport, and re-invented Galactic War.
Captain Tagon: Vog, you're about a Zillion years old. What you don't know can probably be written on the back of your hand.
Captain Tagon: Massey, you've still got a Partnership Collective implant. Their law library is your shipping boy.

Doc, you've examined the most advanced medical technology in the Galaxy.

Massey: Umm. . . With all due respect, Captain, are you going to listen, or are you going to try and contribute?
Captain Tagon: I'm here to supervise.
Captain Tagon: Put this much brainpower all in one place with no oversight, you'll either get an explosion, or a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
Elf: None of us have any dice, sir.
Captain Tagon: You can see why it's so important that I stay.