Saturday March 22, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Prologue: Drydock
Note: The astute reader can likely name all of the non-terrans sticking with Tagon's Toughs as silhouetted in the final panel. But just in case... Ch'vorthq, Schlock, Ebbirnoth, Elizabeth, Legs, and Andy.

One terran is pictured, but in silhouette you can only see his jar. That of course is Lieutenant "recently-discharged-from-the-hospital-without-permission" Shore Pibald.


Andy: Look at 'em. They're all humans.
Legs: No, they're not. Those two are 'rillas, and there's a 'panzee on that loxie on the back.
Andy: You know what I mean. They're all Terrans. They all look alike.
Schlock: Do you remember what I did to the cops who said that about us?
Andy: I'm not worried. Elizabeth can take 'em.
Elizabeth: The 'rillas are the cute furry ones, right?