Saturday October 11, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part III: Schlocktoberfest 2008 - A Wrinkle in Time


Schlock: The sight on this thing is broken. It doesn't know how to do Credomar gravity. My shots were curving.
Kevyn: It's the rotating reference frame problem. Easy to fix.
Schlock: Slower shots curve more, right?
Kevyn: They do. And this weapon already has a variable muzzle velocity.
Kevyn: I could drop the low end, but then what you'd really be holding is a small caliber rotary artillery piece.
Schlock: That's the nicest thing anybody's said to me all day.
Kevyn: For it to be useful you'll need micro-grenades instead of slugs. I've got some right here.
Schlock: No, wait. THAT is.