Sunday October 4, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


KEVYN: Reverend, I need advice.

REVEREND THEO: Seek to have a spiritual experience, and then seek to understand it.

REVEREND THEO: But that probably isn't the advice you're looking for.

KEVYN: What do you think King Lota will do with a system that could be used to completely destroy Credomar?


REVEREND THEO: I don't think Lota will destroy Credomar with it.  He's had that ability ever since he took the Stationwaist, and look!  Credomar remains undestroyed.

REVEREND THEO: A typical battleplate has three annie plants.  Credomar has eighteen.  Sure, they're only half the size of a battleplate's plants, but quantity has to count for something.

Here... have an aphorism: "Know a tree by the fruit it bears."

If Lota really wanted to destroy Credomar, why hire you to build a half-baked method?  Lota already sits on enough firepower to scrape the crust off of a planet.

KEVYN: That's... actually a really good point.

KEVYN: I think you may have convinced me to feel... I don't know... peace?

KEVYN: Yeah... peace.  I am building a potential superweapon for somebody who can already scrape the crust off of a planet, and I am at peace.

KEVYN: Thanks, Reverend.

REVEREND THEO: *thought bubble* "... and then seek to understand it."