Thursday October 29, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command
Note: The term "pinkohippist" has a long history, beginning with its origins as an longer, multi-word ideological slur. The shortened word quickly became taboo, was legislated as "hate speech," and then re-emerged in casual conversation after a sesquicentury or so of obscurity. Its use in the above account refers to one of the several political movements that adopted the term as an official name.

In the 31st century nobody scowls at the word "pinkohippist," but folks will still sometimes giggle at "peethree."


EBBIRNOTH: I'd love to help you with that exclusive interview, but we're pretty busy right now.  Our fans will just have to wait.

EBBIRNOTH: These men have a perimeter to secure, and I've got some insomnia to fight.  I still haven't figured out why Credomar was built in the first place.

REPORTER: Oh, that.  The official histories were all sanitized.  You want Nimock's account of the Pinkohippist Plowshare Project, "PeeThree."

EBBIRNOTH: Is there a graceful way for me to change my mind about granting you the exclusive?

REPORTER: If you're trying to save face, don't worry.  It's just the one eye, right?