Monday September 5, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


BUNNI: Sergeant, put that thing away.  You know... back in your mouth.

If we attempt to fight our way clear of this mess we'll have to kill dozens of innocent people, and we'll almost certainly end up dead ourselves.

KATHRYN: "Fight or flight," Doc.  If you won't let us fight, which way do we run?

BUNNI: We don't run.  We take the unspoken third option: surrender.

BUNNI: We rescued the people we came to rescue.  We only fought in self-defense.  We don't have to be afraid to get arrested.


KATHRYN: The people I killed were U.N.S. Intelligence agents charged with keeping a horrible social experiment under wraps.

We might survive being arrested, but the U.N.S. will nuke the courtroom before they'll let this operation go public.

KATHRYN: So... surrender if you want, but I'm running.  Who's with me?

LEGS: Kathryn, I'd love to see how your little mutiny pans out, but it's irrelevant now.

S.A. Trooper 5: Everybody keep your hands where we can see them.  We'll collect your weapons one at a time, nice and easy.

LEGS: These guys are sneaky.

S.A. Trooper 5: Oh, and by the way, you're all under arrest.

SCHLOCK: Doc, just so you know, I don't actually have to take this thing out of my mouth to use it.

BUNNI: Do not demonstrate that, please.